Working Together to Create Change within Our Community

The things we do best

Build Relationships

OUR HERTFORD aims to build relationships with citizens, community agencies, and stakeholders to promote equitable wealth among all citizens in Hertford North Carolina.


Linking citizens to a variety of resources to aid them to generate personal wealth is OUR HERTFORD's goal for the citizens in the county.

Enrich Lives

By building our community, you can enrich your life. We focus on bringing resources to the community to begin the process of generational wealth for families.


We aim to educate people by providing educational resources to help other achieve their financial, educational, and career goals.


The change loose in your car or purse is probably more than the average person we see struggles to live off of each and every day.

Little to no access to food, water, education, work or a means in which to survive is an ever present problem, rampant in the deeply impoverished communities we work in.

Families are torn apart because of poverty every single day. Where do you turn when you can’t feed your child? Where do you go when you can’t find a job because they are scarce? What do you do when you have multiple children, you make less than $500 a year and you are trying to survive?

There are individuals that rise up and fight for the people that suffer in the community. They spend themselves on behalf of others and bring peace, joy, and hope to the people they serve. They are leaders that create opportunities and show love with their actions.

Our Hertford seeks out these leaders and difference makers and equip them to fulfill their unique purposes in serving others through community action. By partnering with those who are already creating change in the county, we are deepening the integration instead of reinventing  the wheel to serve the citizens of our county.


Map of Hertford NC
OUR HERTFORD symbolizes freedom, friendship, harmony, tenderness, growth, life, loyalty, trust, and love for one another.